Zhou Qunfei – Rags to Riches Story of Richest Self Made Woman in the World!

Zhou Qunfei, the 45 years old business person, is the world’s richest self made women. She is the founder and CEO of the touchscreen maker lens technology. She endowed a company which supplies Samsung, Apple, Huawei and other technological giants with touchscreen sensors. The forthcoming Apple watches will use her company’s sapphire crystal screens and high quality glass. Before beginning her own business in 2003, she served as a factory worker at a glass company.

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Early life and background

The eminent Chinese entrepreneur was born in 1970 in Xiangxiang which is located in a region named Hunan. Zhou was born to a very poor family. Her father was a skilled craftsman. In the year 1960, he lost a finger and became blind in an industrial accident. Her mother passed away when she was around five years old. She has one brother and one sister. Due to the poor condition of her family, she left her school at the age of 15. According to her former middle school teacher Zhou was a very talented and sincere student.

After leaving her school, Zhou shifted to Guangdong province. There she started to find some work while living with her uncle and his family.

In Shenzhen, Zhou worked for several companies, while taking part time courses at the Shenzhen university. Zhou studied many subjects and passed all the examinations. She acquired certificates in computer operations, accounts, custom processing. Zhou even became licensed in order to drive commercial cars.

Career achievements

After completing all of the course, Zhou joined a small firm. She wanted to pursue her career as a fashion designer, but she started serving as a migrant worker in Shenzhen, the special economic zone of Guangdong region. There she used to produce various parts of watches. She used to earn about $1 per day.

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After three months of hard work, she decided to quit the job. Zhou wrote a letter of resignation to her boss. Her letter impressed the director of the factory and he offered her a promotion.Zhou Qunfei photo

Zhou’s cousin encouraged her to launch her own business.  In the year 1993, she opened her own company with her savings of HK$20, 000. Her siblings and two cousins helped her a lot in the business. In the year 2001, Zhou tasted success when her firm acquired a lucrative contract of producing mobile phone screens for TCL Corporation, the Chinese electronics giant.

In the year 2003, Zhou launched touchscreen maker Lens Technology.  She eventually transformed the business concern into the leading firm in the industry.

Zhou Qunfei – husband and Children

Zhou had a child from her first marriage. Later she married one of her factory colleague named Zheng Junlong. Her husband currently works on the lens board. The couple has a daughter.

Zhou Qunfei – Net Worth

From being born to a very poor parents to becoming the richest woman of china in 2015, Zhou has truly got a rags to riches story to share. This self made woman has a net worth of $8.4 billion. Here is the list of the richest self-made women in the world.


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