Vanna White – Wiki, Salary

Vanna White is an American actress and TV personality who is famous as the hostess of TV show ‘Wheel of Fortune.’

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Early years

Vanna White latest photo

She was born on February 18, 1957 in Conway, South California. Her full name is Vanna Marie Rosich. Her father, a Puerto Rican separated from her mother, and White got her last name through her step-father Herbert Stackley White Jr, a real estate agent.

Rise in her career

The 1.67 meter tall Vanna White’s first game show appearance was in ‘The Price is Right’, she was one of the contestants who did not even make it to the stage. She was shortlisted as one of the substitute hosts for Wheel of Fortune, along with Summer Bartholomew and Vicki McCarty. When Susan Stafford, the regular host of the show quit, Vanna became the host on December 13, 1982. Her remarkable style of hosting made ‘Wheel of Fortune’ extremely popular and identifiable with her on-screen persona.

vanna white first episode wheel of fortune

Vanna White – husband and children

She dated Chippendales actor John Gibson in the 80s. Sadly, he was killed in an air-crash. Vanna White later married George San Pietro (restaurant owner) in 1990 but the marriage came apart in 2002.

husband George Santo Pietro

husband George Santo Pietro

White gave birth to a son Nicholas in 1994 and Giovanna in 1997.

Vanna White with her children - Nicholas (second left) and Giovannai (extreme left)

Vanna White with her children – Nicholas (second left) and Gigi (extreme left)

She dated Michael Kaye, a businessman based in South California from 2004 to 2006.

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Has Vanna White had plastic surgery?

She currently does not look anything her age. This has given rise to the rumor that she may have had plastic surgery. The rumor has gained momentum because her older photos shows some form of sagging around the cheek area and a few wrinkles on the forehead. Now, when you see her, all the wrinkles and sagging have disappeared and her face looks much younger and fresher. This only gives fodder to the belief that her smooth face and tight skin are the result of plastic surgery and not exercising, diet changes, and/or good genes.

As there are no visible signs of surgical intervention on White’s face, it’s not so easy to pinpoint the exact types of plastic surgery that Vanna underwent in order to revitalize her look and skin. But most surgeons feel that there may have been a facelift, Botox and Blepharoplasty, i.e., surgery of the eyelids. Since her cheeks also look a lot fuller like a young lady, some surgeons are of the opinion that Vanna may also have had cheek implants.

Vanna may have taken the help of a really good plastic surgeon as the operation scars are not noticeable. But the before and after photos reveal the truth to the T.

Vanna White – plastic surgery pictures (before and after)

vanna white plastic surgery before and after

vanna white plastic surgery photos before after

Here are the before and after pictures of Vanna White to help you deduce if she had plastic surgery

Vanna White – Net Worth

vanna white picture

Vanna White’s net worth is $40 million.

Vanna White – Salary

Her annual salary is $8 million per year. She was also involved in a litigation case, in which she successfully sued Samsung Electronics for its parody-based ad of a robot toggling with letters on a game show, and won $403,000 in damages.

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