Smosh – Laughing their Way to the Bank!

Smosh, is quite a word, and is used as the screen name by an unlikely duo of comedians, namely, Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla. While in the 6th grade in the year 2006, Padilla was posing flash animations, under the screen name Smosh, on Newgrounds. Now the name Smosh, came about in quite an interesting way. At first, he wanted to use the name Smash Pit, but mispronounced the name as Smosh Pit; the name stuck like glue. It was at Newgrounds where he met Hecox, and the two of them decided to start their own YouTube channel under the same name. This was soon to become the first comedy channel which developed a cult following over the years. With a subscriber base of more than 21 million, this became one of the most popular channels on YouTube.

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Career Rise

The group was to continue growing, and soon they had new members such as Noah Grossman, Shayne Topp, Cortney Miller and Keith Leak joining them on their shows. Like many other successful comedians, the two always loved making fun, even when they were young. In the year 2002, Padilla started making flash animations on his site called, and later, Hecox joined him. The two had been friends ever since the 6th grade and their union has lasted several years and brought them thus far.

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They started their YouTube channel and made funny videos in which they lip-synced to the songs from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers and Mortal Combat. They had intended to send the funny videos to their friends but on realizing their popularity, they posted them to YouTube. The earlier videos included the theme song to Pokémon, which became one of the most watched YouTube videos for a while, before it wasknocked out. This would have been the end, but luck smiled on their production when a user, named as Andii2000 re-uploaded the video during the “Person of the Year You” hosted by Time Magazine. The viewership went viral and even surpassed that of the original posting. It was after this that the duo redid the video, but this time altered the song so the words were a parody of the original song.

Smosh – Rising Popularity and Net Worth

The group went on and started creating their own original skits, which they hosted on the channel and increased their subscriber base. They went ahead and reinvented their website, creating a section for games and another for videos, with little extra features. They went ahead and added Smosh Pit to their portfolio; this website feature pop-culture trivia and some comedy skits. This brought about the reader interaction that has made the site very popular.

The work attributed to the duo has grown in terms of originality, and this has won them more viewers and subscribers. They have even an application sponsored by Google, called “iShut Up App”, probably with the aim of spoofing Apples creations, but the app still ended being sold on iTunes. Smosh was finally bought out by Alloy Digital, and the duo started more YouTube channels for their fans to enjoy. They are currently valued at having a net worth of $6 million.

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