Neymar – Wiki, Net Worth

For soccer lovers, Neymar is a familiar name. He is the captain of the national team of Brazil and is associated with FC Barcelona -the recent champion of La League. The world famous winger and forwarder is the most dependable person for his team

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Early life

Neymar childhood photo

The star of the present day football was born on 5th of February, in the year 1992, in Mogi Das Cruzes, Sao Paulo. Though he is called Neymar, his full name is Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior.His father Neymar Santos Sr.,is also a former footballer; he was an inspiration to the young boy who grew up to be the hottest name in world soccer

In the year 2003, Neymar with his family moved to the city of Sao Vicente. The place turned out to be a grooming destination for this young boy, who perfected his football skills with every passing day. When was in Sao Vincente, he joined Portuguesa Santista. In the same year, the family moved to Santos where he got the chance to join Santos FC, with a pay of $1.2 million per year. Due to immense passion and a naturally honed skill, he emerged as fine player, impressing the spectators and critics with his game. He supplemented the income of his family and they bought a house next to Vila Belmiro.

neymar hairstyle picture

This was just the beginning for the young boy; he had to go many miles to go and lots of goals to score. Having started to earn at the age of 15, by the next two years, he signed his full professional contract, bagging sponsorship contracts along the way.

 neymar body bare-chest

In his first season, Neymar scored 14 goals in s 48 matches. In the forthcoming years, he received handsome offers from football clubs like West Ham United and Chelsea. But he remained in his team and focused only at Santos. The year 2011 was quite lucky and favorable year for him. In the same year, he won the FIFA Puskas Award and the prestigious South American Footballer of the Year which have been conferred upon the legends like Diego Maradona, Romario, Pele and Zico. Remarkably, Neymar won the award again in the year 2012 too.

In the year 2013, Neymar joined Barcelona FC. He played different international tournaments too and generated worldwide popularity for the way he played the sport. He took part in 2011 Copa America and 2012 Summer Olympics and scored his first hat trick on the event. He played a massive role in 2014’s Football world cup, as a Captain of the team of Brazil.

neymar shirtless


The year 2015 also happened to be a remarkable one as he wasthe main centre of attraction in Copa America. But due to an unfortunate incident, he was given a red-card a the Copa America Tournament of 2015, along with a $10,000 fine.

Neymar hairstyle

Nevertheless, Neymar is undeniably a star-footballer in every right. The gurus of soccer like Pele and Maradona have said that he has it in him to be the best in the world. This is primarily because of his ability to run quick with the ball, dribble really well, his goal-scoring ability and his talent at playing the game equally well with both feet. He is also one of the icons of Brazilian pop music, especially with his association with Música sertaneja (the modern country-side style music of Brazil).

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Neymar – Net Worth and Salary

neymar hairstyle photo

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At the age of only 17, he signed an agreement of 11 years with Nike with $1 million as pay each year. He also earns from sponsors like Panasonic, Volkswagen, Unilever, Claro, Ambev, Beats and Santander. Through various brand endorsements, he earns $17 million in a year. His annual pay is $31 million of which the salary for contribution towards the game is $14 million.

On a monthly basis, Neymar’s salary is $2.5 million; while on a weekly basis, it is $622,000 and on a daily basis it comes to $124,000.

Neymar – Girlfriend and son

neymar carolina dantas Neymar girlfriend Carolina Dantas Neymar girlriend Carolina Dantas

neymar son davi lucca

He became father to a boy called Dav Lucca in August 2009. He had a relationship with Carolina Dantas, and became a father at the young age of 19 He is not in touch with Carolina and both moved on in their lives. It is believed that he pays $15,000 per month as child support. The 1.74 meter tall (5 feet 9 inch) Neymar was also in a relationship with the Brazilian actress called Bruna but the couple split in 2014.

 With Bruna

bruna neymar

Neymar girlfriend Bruna

Neymar – House

Neymar house

Oddly for someone who owns a yacht, Neymar doesn’t really have his own house. He prefers to stay in a rented home at a price of $20162.97 per month.

Neymar – yacht

Neymar yacht

The young man, known for expensive tastes, also owns a yacht at the price of $8 million with a $120,000 annual payment as maintenance costs.

Neymar – Cars

Neymar car

The footballer has a fondness for stylish cars. Among his prized collection, his favorite is Porsche Panamera Turbo, valued at $550,000.

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