Jamie Colby – Know her better!

Jamie Colby is a national news correspondent. She is the anchor for Fox News Channel. She hosts the series ‘Strange Inheritance’. Before that she co-hosted ‘America’s News Headquarters’’ with Eric Shawn. The treasure hunt show that she hosts, has become a famous one. She has gained fame due to her entrepreneur skills, charming nature and dynamic personality.

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Early life

Colby was born on 21st Dec 1970. She has attended University of Miami’s International School of Business. She got her bachelor degree in accounting. Along with this degree she got her Juris Doctor degree at the age of 22.

At the age of 13, she moved to Miami with her mother and brother. They wanted to move closer to where her maternal grandparents live. This is the time when her parents got divorce.

When she was younger she worked for Burger King. She was also in a commercial for KC and The Sunshine Band.



She is an attorney and would law in New York in the initial years of her career. She has also practiced in Florida and California. She has served as an attorney for 10 years. Her reporting skill has been honed from her experience of working as an attorney. The law practice started with Hollywood entertainment firm. They have assigned her to The Tonight Show. At the age of 22, she worked for Johnny Carson.

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When she was preparing for her bar exam, she had received an offer to replace a television station anchor. This first appearance has turned her world upside down. She loved being in the show.  She decided to become a journalist. However, this decision of hers did not stop her from taking the bar exam which she took concurrently.

As a lawyer, Jamie Colby has took on some tough high profile cases like Martha Stewart insider training case,  Kobe Bryant sexual assault case and cases involving Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman and Jodi Arias.

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After joining fox News, she has covered many major national and international news stories. She has covered Boston Marathon Bombing incident. Apart from the bombing story, she has covered the inauguration of Pope Francis. Also, she has covered the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. East Asia Tsunami is another important news that she has covered.

Before joining Fox, she worked for CNN. She has also served as an anchor for CBS. she has worked for WPIX/WB – 11. She has worked as a reporter at WNYW Fox 5.

Her news coverage of 9/11 attack has gained her recognition. This show got her noticed by not only the viewers, but the critics as well. She has received award for anchoring the show. Edward R Murrow Award is one of the honors she received for her exceptional coverage. Gracie Allen Award is another honor which she received for her reporting skills.

While in Fox News, Colby reported on a host of news stories that include Hurricane Sandy,  live coverage of the Tsunami in South Asia in 2004 and the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

 Jamie Colby – Husband

jamie colby husband marc wallack

She is single. But she she wrote a book along with her husband, called Back to Life After a Heart Crisis: A Doctor and His Wife Share Their 8-Step Cardiac Comeback Plan.   Her husband Dr. Marc Wallack is the chief of surgery at Metropolitan Hospital in New York City.

 Jamie Colby – Net Worth

Her net worth is $ 2.5 million with an annual salary close to $1 million.

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