Diane Macedo – Know her Better!

Diane Macedo is a famous television personality, who worked as the the morning news anchor for WCBS. However, she announced that she would be leaving WCBS, on 6th March 2016. Later that same month, she announced that she would join ABC News. She would be an anchor for two shows with ABC News – America This Morning and World News Now.

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Macedo  also worked with FoxNews.com as an editor before becoming a reporter for Fox Business Network.


Early Life and Her Career

Diane’s birthday is on 28th Feb 1982. She was born to an immigrant couple. Both of her parents were Portuguese. Due to this heritage, she is deeply connected to the Portugal culture and their ways of living. Portuguese language has also evoked her interest. Growing up she has been influenced by both American culture and Portuguese culture.

She did her studying from Boston College. She double-majored from this college in communication and political science. After she finished college education, Diane decided to enroll in journalism.  She began to excel in her job and took to the world of journalism, like fish to water.  Within a very short time she started her career in news media.

Diane started to work as a guest booker for Fox News Radio.  She was soon working as the editor and reporter for FoxNews.com. Her responsibility as the editor was to curate and edit news. While working with FoxNews, she started working as an online reporter. As a reporter she only covered the important news. People acclaimed her work as exceptional and outstanding.

Eventually Diane started hosting a podcast which is called Food 101. The podcast took an effort to introduced Americans to the exotic food. The podcast had succeeded in attracting a large number of viewers.

She got noticed for her working as the anchor of business news. She appeared regularly on Fox Business and Fox News.

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Diane is a talented young woman. She is also extremely good looking. These both attributes worked in her favor.

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Diane Macedo – Husband

On Dec 2012, she announced her engagement with Thomas Morgan. Later in September 2013, the couple got married.


Singing talent

Diane is a talented singer. She has been singing from a long time. She sings at many famous places including Paradise Allay. She had been a member of The Good Life, a New Jersey based band. She is a member of another band Tribeca Rhythm.


Stalking  Controversy

Every year more than 6 million Americans become prey of stalking. Diane, even though a television personality, could not escape this malice act. A person called Richard Pagani was found to be stalking her for a long time.

This man became so obsessed with Diane that he started sending her texts. Some of these texts have been disturbing. He got carried away and followed Diane to her work place. He also banged on her news van. He refused to leave the area even after being asked to leave. The police had to intervene to arrest him.


Diane Macedo – Salary and Net Worth

Her annual salary is $125,000 with a net worth of $1.3 million.

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