Caitriona Perry – What makes her Special?

Caitriona Perry is a renowned journalist of Irish nationality, known primarily for her work at the RTE News and Radio Network and a winner of several journalism awards. Perry entered the field of journalism in the year 2000 when she began her career in Ireland, working as a correspondent in news broadcasting. She received much acclaim owing to the services rendered at the RTE network which is a part of Ireland’s national public service broadcast based out of Washington D.C. in U.S.A.

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A self proclaimed ‘One woman newsroom’, Perry serves under various capacities across various broadcasting platforms at RTE like radio, television and even digital platforms. Perry has a range of experience in the editorial space and has donned several hats. In the under two decades of her career she has served as a television news anchor, a documentary film maker, a producer, a program editor and a radio presenter. She has been felicitated with several awards for her work, with the TV News award ‘National Justice Media Merit Award’ being the most prestigious of them all.

Early Life and Education

Not much is known about the early years in the life of Perry except for the fact that she was born in the city of Knocklyon in Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom and was always interested in a career in journalism.

Perry was a student of the prestigious Dublin City University in Ireland and graduated in 2002 with an undergraduate degree in journalism. After a hiatus of a few years, she returned to the University and graduated with a Master’s Degree in International Relations in 2010. As part of her journalistic duties, she spent a good amount of time in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Career Rise

A thorough professional, Perry has had a distinguished career and has mastered her field, working in various roles, be it on television or radio, or even behind the scenes. However, she was thrust into the public eye when she was recently beckoned by US President Donald Trump, who, while talking on the phone with Leo Varadkar, the Irish Taoiseach commented on Perry saying he found her smile ‘cute’. His comment is said to have ‘creeped’ Perry who went on record to say that she didn’t care for Trump’s ‘objectification’. She received support from the social media community.

But Perry’s work speaks more for her than the recent incident. Although, she spent a major part of her career in Ireland, She has reported stories of international interest across the world; USA, Latin America, Canada, Australia and Europe for example. But none gave her the kind of prolific experience that she got until she joined RTE, which, in her own words is her ‘dream job’. Since 2013, Perry has been based in Washington D.C., USA owing to her work at RTE, in which she travels to as many as five states in a week’s time and works for almost 21 hours a day. Some of her most prolific work at RTE includes the Boston bombing anniversaries coverage and the Academy Awards coverage.

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Caitriona Perry -Pictures


Although not much is known about Perry’s personal life, the 5 feet 2 inch tall anchor is reportedly married but has never mentioned any details about her husband with whom she lives in downtown D.C.

An Avid Fitness freak, Perry has run numerous marathons. Her personal best timing of completing a marathon is four hours and six minutes. Perry is extremely active on the social media and often shares stories related to her work.

Caitriona Perry – Salary

Her base salary is an estimated $78,686 and her overall annual pay is an estimated   $188,177.

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