Betsy DeVos – Know her Better!

Elizabeth DeVos is a popular American politician, billionaire, education activist, entrepreneur and philanthropist. She is the Secretary for Education for the Donald Trump administration, having assumed the position since February 7, 2017. She has also  been the chairman of the Michigan Republican Part for quite a few years and has been playing a very active role in several campaigns regarding the political, social and cultural changes.

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It was announced on November 23, 2016 that Betsy DeVos would be the Secretary of Education for the newest President-elect of the United States of America, Donald Trump. Although there have been a number of arising questions on her credibility for the responsibility, Trump assured that him electing DeVos would prove out as one of the best decisions.

Early life and education

Betsy DeVos was born on January 08, 1958 in Holland, Michigan to Elsa Prince and Edgar Prince. Her father was a self-made industrialist who was the founder of the Prince Corporations which sold automobile parts. Her mother was an activist and has been part of several conservative ideals campaigns including the anti-gay ballot proposal in the state of California which was titled as the Proposition 8. She also has a brother, Erik Prince who is the founder of Blackwater USA.

DeVos acquired her schooling from the Holland Christian High School and later enrolled herself in the Calvin College located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She finally graduated with a degree in business administration and political science.

Betsy DeVos – Husband and Children

DeVos married the heir to The Amway fortune, Dick DeVos in the year 1980. The couple are proud parents to two sons and two daughters.

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DeVos’ political career started in the year 1982 after she became part of the Michigan Republican Party and even served as the local precinct delegate from the state. Before becoming the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party in the year 1996, she was the Committeewoman for Michigan Republican group.

She owns and is the chairman of the Windquest group which deals with investing in sectors concerned with technology, manufacturing and clean energy. The company was founded by DeVos and her husband together in 1989.

Later in 2011, DeVos along with her husband, invested in a wind energy company, Energetx Composites. They even invested in Cascade Engineering which is yet another company based in West Michigan which focuses on providing clean water to the society by creating water filters.

DeVos even produced the stage play on Broadway, Scandalous: The Life and Trials of Aimee Semple McPherson in the year 2012. The play was based off on a famous evangelist and the show featured in the Broadway for three weeks straight.


The husband and wife duo, Dick and Betsy have their very own foundation named after themselves that they formed back in 1989. The foundation mainly focuses on the serious and important topics like that of leadership, education, arts et cetera.

While her appointed time in Kennedy centre for performing arts, DeVos along with her husband funded for a centre to teach the different staffs and managers of the place on how to raise funds and aids to manage their institution. DeVos has also been actively creating awareness and holding fundraisers for raising money for education.

Betsy DeVos – Net Worth and Salary

Betsy DeVos has an estimated net worth of $5 billion. As Secretary of Education, her salary comes to $207, 800  annually. However, she stated that she was happy to contend with a salary of $1.

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